Legendary 1v1 Moves

Soccer games are often decided by a series of 1v1 contests all over the field. The world's best players both past and present like Ronaldo, Maradona, Johan Cruyff, Zidane and Ronaldinho, all had "Legendary 1v1 Moves" that gave them the EDGE over defenders in 1v1 situations. It's these moves that separated them from other players and helped them become the best players in the world.

Now you can take your game to the next level by learning the very same moves used by the world's best players. Practicing and perfecting these Legendary 1v1 Moves will give you improved confidence in your game and make you a better team player by giving you an EDGE over your opponent.

This DVD will show you 15 Legendary 1v1 Moves:

  • Fake Shot
  • Puskas
  • Pull Back & Play
  • Maradona Turn
  • Rivelino
  • Swivel Stepover
  • Scissors
  • Matthews
  • Swivel/Swivel
  • TapNPlay
  • Stop Hop & Roll
  • Cruyff Turn
  • Spin Cruyff
  • Touch Hop/Scissors
  • Ronaldinho

You will learn moves to beat an opponent in every game situation. Very detailed coaching points will fully explain how to best understand and perform the moves for optimum performance.

Each Legendary 1v1 Move is shown and described in detail, from different camera angles and in slow motion. Then each Legendary 1v1 Move is broken down and taught in great detail using the, "Four Teaching Phases", so if you are a player you can learn the moves quickly and easily and if you are a coach, you can learn the most effective way to teach your players.

The ideas presented here have been refined and tested for over 30 years by Andy Barney, Author, USSF 'A' License, NSCAA Clinician & Founder of the Kansas City Legends Soccer Club. If you are serious about maximizing your deceptive dribbling skills, tactical speed and gaining an EDGE over your opponents, you are in for the ride of your soccer life!!

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