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What do School Directors Say About Our Program?

"In my role as a Regional Director for the La Petite organization I have seen many physical education programs designed for pre-school age children. The HappyFeet program combines elements of stories, songs, nursery rhymes and fun games in a curriculum that guarantees child growth physical ability and fitness. The children really enjoy the program because it integrates dynamic activity and soccer balls in a physically challenging feast of fun. HappyFeet takes up a relatively small space in our schools therefore the program can run year round without cancellations. I would not hesitate to suggest this program to a school director or owner looking for a great way to enhance physical fitness and fun for children."
Gail Barker, Regional Director, La Petite, Kansas City


"HappyFeet has been a revelation to me. The classes are held in our pre-schools on a weekly basis and the children truly look forward to HappyFeet’s “story time with a soccer ball”. It is a popular program that has truly enhanced the school schedule. Many of our families have siblings that play soccer and appreciate the fitness opportunities and enjoyment inherent within the sport. In HappyFeet kids get hundreds of ball touches and learn to move in ways not needed during everyday activity. Soccer’s unusual emphasis on balance and ball movement challenges children to develop a swiftness of footwork that carries over to many other sports. It is also a sport in which girls and boys can benefit equally. HappyFeet is an entertaining soccer program I recommend enthusiastically and with total confidence to other school directors/owners."
Kelly Frentrop, Regional Director, La Petite, Kansas City


“Andy - Kristin was just here and did a remarkable job with the kids!! I think we will have quite a few sign up. I look forward to working with you and your team!”
Mary Maloid, La Petite Academy, School Director


“Scott is wonderful with the kids. He’s a Great teacher!”
Susan Jones, School Director at Lord of Life, Leawood


“I used HappyFeet to sell an interested parent on enrolling in my school. I really feel HappyFeet was the deciding factor. It’s a tremendous addition to our curriculum.”
Patti Hogge, Boone Preschool, Lee’s Summit


“Coach Drew does a fantastic job with the kids. We are totally pleased with HappyFeet classes. All the staff are very professional and make classes lots of fun for the kids.”
Kids R Kids Preschool, Olathe


“I attended a seminar on early childhood education and Susan Miller, the school director from Our Hope Preschool, was also in attendance. She couldn’t say enough good things about the program and your teachers. Let’s discuss including HappyFeet in the Kiddi-Kollege curriculum.”
Jon Kopek, Kiddi-Kollege


"I checked with our sister school Blue Valley Montessori. They only had good things to say about your program.”
Suzanne McKay, Head of School, Lakewood Montessori, Lee’s Summit


"Your coach did a wonderful job with the demo classes. He has a tremendous ability to keep all the children totally enthralled.”
Jenny Vochatzer, Ivy League Preschool Director, Lee’s Summit


“Even our most reticent kids got involved and thoroughly enjoyed the HappyFeet demonstration.”
Gretchen Meads, Child Prodigy Preschool, Lee’s Summit


"Your coach is superb! We are getting a great response from our families as a result of the demo.”
Brooke Shawver, Country Kids Day Care,  Lenexa


“My son loves HappyFeet. The class content and coaching enthusiasm makes him look forward to the next HappyFeet day with eager anticipation.”
Christi Smith, Regional Director for Knowledge Learning Corp


"My three-year-old son is so excited about HappyFeet Soccer. Every Thursday he wakes up and the first thing he says is, 'I have soccer today. Mommy, I love soccer!' He wants to wear his soccer shoes and his soccer shirt every day. He walks around the house saying “Coach Scott” while slamming one fist into the other hand. Every time we get a soccer ball out, he calls it “Bob” and starts running around giving it commands! My son’s coordination and large motor skills have greatly improved since starting HappyFeet. I am so amazed about how such a great program has truly inspired my son and has brought him so much happiness. Thank you, Scott, for showing my son that soccer can be more than just a game!"
Amber Cray, mother of a three year old who adores HappyFeet Soccer


"My daughter, Emma, was in her school, Little Angels Learning Academy, when we learned about the program. Coach Andrew began the program in the classrooms at school and that was all she could talk about. She knew every Wednesday that it was HappyFeet day and never left out a detail at the dinner table that night. Our involvement came about when the HappyFeet soccer league began on Saturday mornings at Drury University. Coach Andrew and a couple of assistants would have these kids organized and playing every Saturday morning. Our respect for his coaching was in how the children listened, learned, and respected him. The tactics he used to keep the kids involved was very unique and very effective. We all know the attention span of a 4 year old is not very long, but he kept their attention and they continued to learn. We will recommend this program to anyone with small children and think very highly of the program and coach Andrew both as a person and a coach."
Tim and Marcia Friel - Little Angels Learning Academy,  Battlefield, MO


"Our 4-year-old daughter, Maddux, told us about so many good things about The HappyFeet program at her school. We were thrilled when HappyFeet broadened the program to Saturday mornings. The HappyFeet coaches’ enthusiasm and positive attitude shows through the smile on their face and the faces of the kids. The coaches maintained a constant effort to involve all children - regardless of skill level - and motivated every child to participate. We enjoyed watching the “games” as much as the kids enjoyed playing."
Mendi Franklin Green, Mother of Maddux Rose, Age 4 - Little Angels Learning Academy, Battlefield, MO


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